“Gamer first, competitive always”

Team Penguin Overlords (TPO.Esports) a Scottish based competitive Electronic sports organisation competing in a range of gaming titles. We compete at both online and offline events, tournaments and leagues. Our mission to inspire, captivate and motivate the world of eSports while our vision is to become a world leader in competitive gaming while at our forefront promote and demonstrate our core values and standards. Our Passion is eSports and we live by our team ethos of: Gamer first, Competitive always.

We use the acronym PHD FRED

Plays an important role in showing the combination of all qualities that are connected with trained and skilled individuals. It is important to know our mission statement and showcase it at all times using a collective of all our values and standards. As living and breathing the good practice that we set, allows us to promote eSports in the right ways; to become everything we have dreamed it to be and more!

All members should be up front and truthful in all aspects of their personality. We should strive to correct errors as soon as possible and highlight them to ensure we can work on them. This goes hand in hand with respect and fair play, these qualities allows us to demonstrate as an organisation, that we are trustworthy, accountable and reasonable.

In game and out of game discipline is a key value vital in upholding the organisation’s reputation and public image. Acting without sound knowledge or reason could be detrimental to future progression and prospects for our organisation and those affiliated with us.

Fair Play 
Our members promise to abide by the ethos of fair play. This means that we will always play to the best of our ability without the use of any game altering equipment or performance enhancing substances. Also we must follow the rules of equal treatment to all concerned in every game and in all competitions that we partake in.

Every member inside or outside of the organisation is to be treated fairly and as an equal, this creating a friendly and approachable environment for our players and fan base to interact with one another. Manners cost nothing and allow us to show gratitude to each other and feel our efforts are not worthless. Never disclose any information to any person not connected with TPO or any outside agency or authority without permission.

Expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively is important. Don’t hold back, make your voice heard, be clear and concise, words are powerful! We are all approachable and will do what we can to help or stand behind our TPO family any situation.

Be committed to the organisation and creating long term stability. This helps us bond from a group of friends to become a family which all prevails ultimately through the smooth running of the organisation as we look to shape the world of eSports.