Meet our beloved partners

Meet our sponsor Aquatuning UK. They are ready to kit out your PC from cooling to advanced mods.

Alphacool also offer custom made cooling solutions from PC to server.

Alphacool is based in Germany and they are one of the most well known players the water cooling market. 

Its founders, have been involved in the business of water cooling for over 9-years. 

Working with other companies. Alphacool’s headquarters and main production facilities are based in Braunschweig.

Gamers Apparel provide gamers with comfortable clothing products and accessories at affordable prices.

They have three different sections of business in which they target:

Casual Clothing, Custom Esports Clothing & Accessories for Gamers.

We elevate esports through accessibility, engagement and empowerment. We enhance the journey of fans and players from the novice through to the professional.

We achieve our mission by developing innovative digital products that are utilized throughout the esports industry at all levels.

We are the first E-Sports bar here in Glasgow and we aim to be the best.

We are run by Gamer’s for Gamer’s to help and improve the E-Sports community here in Scotland by giving players a play to grow their skills and relax all at the same time.

We aim for players to meet new people and learn new tricks from the growing community here at The Summoners Glasgow